We want you in our log, so please help us by following these guidelines.

Do not send e-mails to the team, they will not be seen.

  • If you cannot hear us, don’t call. Wait until propagation and conditions favor your QTH for one or more of the Bands / Modes.
  • Unless you hear otherwise from the Operator, we will ALWAYS be operating in SPLIT MODE throughout the DXpedition.
  • Listen to the Operator for RX frequencies (e.g., “up 5 to 10”, or “listening on 7.155”, etc.)
  • You have two ears and one mouth, so please try to listen more, talk less. Be patient.
  • During SSB pileups, please use common phonetics.
  • Do NOT call continually without listening or call over a station being worked.
  • During ALL pileups, listen for YOUR call on the comeback. Trust that we have two good ears.
  • We’re not impressed by those who add to the QRM by constantly calling out of turn.
  • Please do not Tune Up on our TX frequencies or our RX slots!
  • If we ask for “EU” only or “QRP only” or any other specific request, please QRX if you don’t fall in the request.
  • Resist those “insurance” QSOs on the same band / mode. We want to maximize unique QSOs, not Dupes.
  • Whenever possible, we will try to listen in the General portion of the band.
  • We know our call sign, please do not repeat it.