QSL Manager – Tim, M0URX

We had a few questions about LoTW:

1. When will you upload the full log to LoTW?

We have no plans to upload the complete log to LoTW.

– Except for 3 clubs that made unsolicited donations, this project was funded entirely by the team.
– Almost 600 individuals made donations which included free LoTW and QSL card(s).
Most people realize that nothing is free, especially with today’s global inflation challenges.

Additionally, we are not offering free buro cards, which are not free for us to print, mail or receive.

2. Why is the OQRS Direct charge $5.50, why not $5.00 like always, why the additional 50 cents?

On August 1, 2021 PayPal raised the per transaction rate from 29US cents and 2.89% to 49US cents and 3.49%. This increase impacted those of us that do thousands of small transactions.

Questions to:   support at tx5n.net

Direct QSL and LoTW:

  • via OQRS $5.50(USD)
  • Mailed anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited confirmations.
  • LoTW upload processed within 48 hours, from the island (assuming Internet availability).

Express LoTW:

  • via OQRS $4.00(USD)
  • LoTW processed within 48 hours
  • Unlimited LoTW confirmations
  • This option gives you the choice of just an LoTW or LoTW and a free buro card.

Bureau QSL:

  • Bureau cards only by OQRS: $3(USD)
  • Two bureau mailing per year
  • Do not send YOUR QSL card via the Bureau

Direct mail QSL:

$5.00(USD) or 5 Euros mailed anywhere in the world.
Only include requests for TX5N, any others will be discarded.

Tim Beaumont M0URX
83 Limbrick Avenue
Tile Hill
Coventry West Midlands

Please include a Self Addressed Envelope: 114mm x 162mm (4.5 x 6.4 inches).
NO coins from any country.
NO postage stamps of any kind.